Patients First Discussion Paper

Link to Patients First ReportThe Ministry of Health And Long Term Care recently published a Discussion Paper called “Patients First: A Proposal To Strengthen Patient-Centered Health In Ontario”.

From the Report:

Putting Patients First

Ontario is committed to developing a health care system that puts patients first. Over the past 10 years, the province has improved access to primary care, provided more care for people at home, reduced hospital wait times, invested in health promotion programs, and taken steps to make the system more transparent and more accountable. But there are still gaps in care.

Here is a link to the Full Report:

Patients First Discussion Paper Ministry of Health & Long Term Care

$75,000 Spent in Support of Local Health Care

$75,000.00 spent locally by the Tobermory Health Services Auxiliary (THSA)

The THSA continues, as a group of unpaid volunteers, to support local health care projects and services. The THSA thanks each of you for your support of our effort to finance, supply, and improve local health care.

The THSA is your local charity for local health care – that is our role and mandate.  Here are some of the projects we recently supported.

Bruce Peninsula Hospice $7,500

$7,500 (half of the net proceeds from the 2015 Chi-Cheemaun Ferry dinner cruise) was donated to the Bruce Peninsula Hospice to help pay for their services offered in our municipality.

$7,500 donated to the Bruce Peninsula Hospice by the THSA (L to R) Joan Carmount THSA Treasurer, Nancy Forgrave BP Hospice Manager, Pat Columbus THSA Secretary

In the past year, Bruce Peninsula Hospice volunteers have been a compassionate presence for over 70 individuals and families living with a progressive life-limiting illness or grief.

Volunteers made over 1,000 hospice visits in homes, hospitals or long-term care facilities, in addition to 300 telephone calls of support. They hosted three bereavement support groups and provided 70 bereavement visits.

Bruce Peninsula Hospice
Call 519-534-1260 EXT. 5612.

Wheels Of Hope $7,500
$7,500 donated to the Bluewater CCS Wheels of Hope program by the THSA (L to R) Joan Carmount THSA Treasurer, Geoff Van Geem Manager Bluewater CCS Manager, Pat Columbus THSA Secretary
$7,500 donated to the Bluewater CCS Wheels of Hope program by the THSA (L to R) Joan Carmount THSA Treasurer, Geoff Van Geem Manager Bluewater CCS Manager, Pat Columbus THSA Secretary

$7,500 (half of the net proceeds from the 2015 Chi-Cheemaun dinner cruise) was also donated to the Wheels of Hope Program in our municipality offered by the Bluewater unit of the Canadian Cancer Society.

Facing cancer, need help?
CALL 1-888-939-3333

Tobermory Hyperbaric Chamber $60,000

$60,000 has been committed to help pay for the new compressors for the hyperbaric chamber. The THSA also previously built and paid for the hyperbaric section of the new building. As well, in 2012, the THSA named that part of the building in honour of Dr. Harpur.

If you would like to make a donation in support of Tobermory Health Services please see our Donation Information on our site. All donations made in support of health care to the Tobermory Health Care Auxiliary are tax deductible.

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Memorial Lighthouse Planned

Memorial Lighthouse Planned

The Auxiliary, as mentioned in a previous article, has plans to construct a memorial lighthouse and gardens on the site currently occupied by the old hyperbaric facility. The new hyperbaric facilities will soon be completely in the new building and then the “memorial” project will start on the old hyperbaric site. It will also include gardens, benches, memorial tributes, LED lighting, completion and marking of the parking area, storage inside the lighthouse, etc. The funds are in place to complete most of the project which in turn will complete the large building project for the medical building started several years ago..

The THSA supplies the snacks, free, for visitors at the Lion’s Head hospital. It also supplies and maintains the plants at the medical buiding–thank you to the volunteer gardeners. Thank you also to the volunteers who arrange for the artwork in the halls.

The THSA is an incorporated charitable group, of residents, of about 50 members plus many volunteers. The next General Meeting is at 1 pm on Monday, December 07 at the doctor’s residence. Visitors are welcome, so are new members.

Can You Help?

The THSA accumulates funds either from donations or from the proceeds of its own fundraising events. The Auxiliary is currently looking for people to chair each of its 3 proposed fundraising events for 2016 (a different person for each event).

The proposed events are the May Whitefish fry, the September Chi-Cheemaun dinner cruise, and the October fallfest dinner, The current chairs are “retiring” (but they will assist a new chair) and the Auxiliary needs volunteers to chair each committee.

The events will not happen unless there is soon a volunteer to act as chair. There are plans and a committee for each event but no chair yet–will you help?

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